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    Pre-Order a PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Today!

      We are pleased to announce the opening of pre-orders for our newest development kit, on the latest and greatest PSoC architecture - the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit, featuring a member of the PSoC 4200 family of devices.




      You can pre-order this kit from our partners element14 for only $25, starting today!




      A few weeks ago we annouced the PSoC 4 architecture - a low-power PSoC mixed-signal SoC built around the power optimized ARM Cortex-M0 CPU. PSoC 4 has programmable analog and digital blocks, similar to previous PSoC architectures, making it the industry's most flexible Cortex-M0 based architecture.


      Stay tuned for further product announcements in the following weeks! We are very excited to bring PSoC 4 to the market to share with all of you.

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