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    how the XGPIFSGLDATLX triggers a GPIF transaction?



               Hi! I  am using the GPIF mode to get data from a AD chip. I read the note about GPIF from  the cypress.com.  There was a section about how to trigger a single read wavefrom and a single write wavefrom. read/write XGPIFSGLDATLX will trigger the transaction. 


               In the GPIF designer, we can design 4 wavefrom. in the example, there are single read, single write, fiforead and fifo write, in other. But if I changed the other, like the fast wavefrom is single write and second is single read. When I read a data from XGPIFSGLDATLX, will the CY68013 still can start the single read transaction exactly? or will it start the single write wavefrom wrongly?


                my question is how can the cy68013 determine which wavefrom it is going to use when I read/write the XGPIFSGLDATLX to trigger a transaction? 


              thank you for your help