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    issue with wiced_network_send_ethernet_data

      can some one tell me what the packet format about wiced_network_send_ethernet_data() function's first parameter ?

      i want to use wiced_network_send_ethernet_data() send out a packet, but it never succeed.


           wiced_buffer_t newBuffer;

          host_buffer_get(&newBuffer, WICED_NETWORK_TX, eap_packet_len, EAP+WICED_LINK_OVERHEAD_BELOW_ETHERNET_FRAME, WICED_TRUE) ;


          ((NX_PACKET*) newBuffer)->nx_packet_data_start = ((NX_PACKET*) newBuffer)->nx_packet_prepend_ptr - WICED_LINK_OVERHEAD_BELOW_ETHERNET_FRAME;

          memcpy(((NX_PACKET*) newBuffer)->nx_packet_prepend_ptr, &pkt, eapol_packet_head_len);

          memcpy(((NX_PACKET*) newBuffer)->nx_packet_prepend_ptr+ eapol_packet_head_len, pkt.eapdata, len);

          wiced_network_send_ethernet_data( newBuffer, interface );



      RTOS: ThreadX

      Net Stack: NetX duo

      Processor: STM32F205

      Wifi Chip: 43362

      Bus: SDIO