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      The PSoC4 will coming. That will get big volume of market    


      and the Cypress will be glad, Everybody will be happy.    


      But I'm a little bit unhappy.    



      On strange occasions, I recalled a memory of some PSoC.     


      Many years ago I bought PSoC of 20pin DIP from a rare.     


      It is the Cy8C26233.     

























      But that could not programming at all.
      PSoC Programmer has a device family and device type of it still now.      


      Reset and Power cycle mode was regardless.
      Even if the CY3210-MiniEval has jumper for 20pin DIP.      


      It can never program by MiniProg-1      


      So on, I had been forgot that.        



      This PSOC was born to the world by the Cypress.      


      But does not have a program at once yet.
      How unhappy it is.      


      He is crying "FAILED! Please check target device, device connection and parameter setting"      


      Please save this PSoC.