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      We have a part that we communicate with via several gpio pins when we're not using the gpif.  To do this, we Call CyU3PGpioDeviceOverride( /* pin number */);




      CyU3PGpioGetValue, Set Value....


      ... talk to part successfully...




      CyU3PGpioDisable( .. pin .. );


      CyU3PGpioDeviceRestore( .. pin ..);


      We've probed our board and it's clear that whatever values we drove the gpio pins on while communicating with our other chip are continued to be driven after we call disable and devicerestore.


      Are there other api calls that need made to restore gpio pins back to the gpif?  The gpif operates correctly except that the gpio pins we were using continue to be driven at the last value they were driven at. It seems to me that the disable/restore should do that.


      I checked the api return status after making the disable/restore calls and I get a success but it seems the gpio still has control of the pins.