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    Simple bus and pins question

              I should know how to do this, but for some reason I have a mental block. I have a very basic project, with two digital input pins and a debouncer. The pins component is set to have 2 pins. The debouncer is set to a signal width of 2. The Pins component shows 2 separate connections for the pins. 0 and 1. The debouncer input shows as a bus d[1:0] The question is, how do I connect the 2 pins to the debouncer inputs? If I draw a wire out from the debouncer inputs it correctly shows as being a bus with indexes from 1 to 0. If I draw a wire out from one of the pins is correctly shows as a wire. (Width is 1). When I try to connect the wire to the bus it immediately changes back to being a single wire. I just can't remember how to connect a wire to a specific index in the bus. Help anyone? My really basic project is attached.