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    PSoC 3 USB descriptors

      Dear PSoCDevelopers




      I'm trying to establish communication  between PSoC 3 and PC. I'm using libusb 1.0 from Host side.


      I was able to find the device (PSoC 3) and get USB descritors from the device, but I cannot change the USB descriptors of the PSoC (for example Vendor ID, Product ID, number of interfaces).


      I'm trying to change USB descriptors using PSoC Creator by programming USBFS (USB full speed) component. But in the host (PC) I'm always getting the same USB descriptors. My purpose to send and receive som data from the PSoC.


      What can be the reason that I'm always getting the same descriptors, even I'm changing it in the USBFS component?


      I'd really appreciate, if someone could help me


      Best regards,



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           does the device is listed in the device manager (lsusb in linux) using your custom VID, PID? what is the VIP/PID you are getting?

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                    When you want to change the VID/PID, Basic process is 1) Change at USB configuration dialog - device descriptor list. 2) Change the VID/PID in driver information file. That's all. the Build was successed so that completed all. When you connect that USB device, the system could be recognize it. This can see on device manager. before your host program connect with that. and can verify the VID/PID by device manager. That is a process in Windows, something be different with Linux, but same same. OK?   
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               Thanks for your answers.


              I'm using windows 7


              Yes the device is listed in device manager. In my driver program and in the device manager I'm getting the same VID and PID all the time.


              VID 0x4B4


              PID 0xF11A


              I'm trying to change descriptors by changing device descriptors in USBFS component, but again I'm getting the same result.

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                It's very odd, OK ensure one by one.     



                Assume your VID/PID is 04B4/ABCD;     



                1) Change that on USB configurator.     



                2) Build and check your driver information.     



                  In your project /Generated_source/psoc3 directory,     



                  Find the driver inf file "USB_cdc.inf".     



                  Open it text editor, find this line.     






                %DESCRIPTION%=DriverInstall, USB\VID_04B4&PID_ABCD      



                And same PID discription lines.     






                3) Connect the device to PC and Find it in device manager.     



                4) Right-click that USB device and see the property - detail TAB – Hardware ID     



                Can you see like this.     






                5) IF NOT;     



                In the same property page – driver TAB     



                [delete driver] button. Do this.     



                And TRY from 3) again.     



                It will be going well, cheer     


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                   Thank you very much for your help and time.


                  For not making mistake, I took from example projects USBFS_HID for PSoC 3.


                  I changed VID/PID 04B4/ABCD respectively. and here is the result from USBFS_1_cdc.inf file






                  %DESCRIPTION%=DriverInstall, USB\VID_04B4&PID_F232


                  Whatever I'm changing VID and PID I'm getting the same result, even for my own written project I'm getting the same.


                  Then I'm using zadig to replace the driver, in device manager properties/detail/hardware-IDs I'm getting VID_04B4 and PID_F11A.


                  I think some strange things happening.

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                    OK, My previous post was regarding of BULK Transfer.     



                    I missed but that's correct on BULK.     



                    Your Interface type is HID.     



                    Something strange, there are 3 PID number.     






                    1) VID/PID 04B4/ABCD : your assumed.     



                    2) VID_04B4&PID_F232 : inf file     



                     Was build wrong?     



                    3) VID_04B4 PID_F11A : actual number     



                     What is this?     






                    Answer is here     



                    2) Perhaps, HID process make pseudo number     



                    3) There are many device of same name,


                     So you had look wrong device, Check all HID devices.     






                    First picture is original.     



                    Second picture is changed.     




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                         Thank you


                        There is written that build is successful completed.


                         When I'm plugging and unplugging the device I can see that VID_04B4 and PID_F11A appearing and disappearing in the device manager. I wrote a driver program (using libusb 1.0) where I'm printing all the founded devices. When PSoC is unplug I can see that programm has found 9 devices. When I plug I can see that it found 10 devices and when I compare these 2 result I can see that VID_04B4 and PID_F11A this appears. That's why I think I look correct device.


                        Did you also use the same project?


                        You get different answers, maybe I should use another operating system for example linux?





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                          OK, We have another way, that can see it more clearly.     



                          I explain the way along use USB Control Center     



                          1) turn on USB Control Center.     



                           You can see device list left side and description on right side.     



                          2) On Device Class Selection Tab, select HID devices.     



                           And plug your PSoC USB, then "Mouse" is appear.     



                           No other device name as "Mouse"     



                          3) Check and see the VID/PID, looks like the picture.     






                          I'm using same example for YOU.     



                          I don't know what "libusb1.0" is.     



                          Basically Control Center is using cypress's CyUSB.dll and "sys"     






                          The Control Center and suits is here.     






                          SuiteUSB 3.4 - USB Development tools for Visual Studio     



                           CySuiteUSB_3_4_7_B204.exe English 17 MB 11/24/2011     


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                             @PSoC73 usblib is a library to talk to USB devices, it ued to be ued mainly on linux but works on windows too.

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                                      Thank you zeta-san, I am confusing that HID device not need a particular driver. Anyway, the PID number looked by device manager that is true number.   
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                                 Thank you for your advise, that was really helpful.


                                I followed the steps you told me, I think my PSoC 3 is not being porgrammed, because I always get the same result.


                                After programming that example porject (mouse), in Device class selection tab It shows under devices served by the CyUSB.sys drive, not HID interface, and there are many interfaces, but I programmed only one.


                                What do you think is this problem connected with my chip or no.


                                I'll send also the picture that I'm getting.



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                                  A simple question - maybe its silly: did you connect your PSoC3-kit with _both_ USB connectors to your PC? You might just see the programmer connected, but not the PSoC itself...


                                  (Did you test with one of the example projects, to check whether this works at all?)

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                                     Yes, I checked Capsense slider or Proximity Sensor, It works, I even wrote wrote my own button program using CapSense component it works.


                                    Do you mean to connect PC and PSoC3 with the wire?

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