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    GPIF cannot work at 100MHz clock

              I encounter an problem when about using GPIF at 100MHz in synchronous-slave-fifo-write mode. The scenario is as below: the pclk is 100MHz, SLWR write 16KB to GPIF, and switch the FIFO ADDR. But after SLWR sending the next 16KB, the flagb will be valid, and keep valid all the time. Then SLWR could not write data any more, so did GPIF.   
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                  I did some other experiments and found that when SLWR write no more than 320Bytes then insert an interval, the GPIF could work continuously. The screenshot of timing is in attachment. Please tell me how GPIF could work at 100MHz continously. Your early reply will highly appreciated!   
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            What is the device connected to GPIF II port of FX3?


            Is it an FPGA?. Did you look at the projects that are attached to the following application note:




            It look like you are able to fill the 16KB of buffer allocated to that DMA channel and then I am not sure whether you are reading that buffer from the USB side. Please share more details of your application.




            sai krishna.

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                      It's FPGA connected to GPIF II port of FX3. The DMA should read the data once the buffer filled to 16KB. It seems the data was not be moved out. Don't konw why. The scenario works well at 90MHz.   
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                Please check whether you have this piece of code in main function of FX3 firmware. If not, please add it.     



                CyU3PSysClockConfig_t clkCfg = {    






                                        2, 2, 2,    















                    /* Initialize the device */    



                    status = CyU3PDeviceInit (&clkCfg);    



                    if (status != CY_U3P_SUCCESS)    






                        goto handle_fatal_error;    









                sai krishna.    

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                          thank you for your answer!! I try this in my project, but there are different conclusions in different hosts. In intel & Renesas hosts,it runs very well, however we encounter babble detect in Asmedia host, please tell me how to resolve it, waiting for your answer!!