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    PSoC5 phase out

              Just heard the news that the PSoC5 is going to be phased out sometime next year. What a good news. :-) Our project would enter production soon and we need to start the whole production preparation process again :-(   
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                  I mean just the non-LP version. While there is no obvious problem switching to LP. There is a lot of paper work to do and re-testing. !!!!   
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                    Given all the problem found during PSoC5 rollout (e.g. limited SAR ADC performance, CAN needed to be removed), this was to be expected. Also, the PSoC5LP was announced as "what the PSoC5 should have been from the beginning" or "the PSoC5 but without bugs"...   
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              "Also, the PSoC5LP was announced as "what the PSoC5 should have been from the beginning" or "the PSoC5 but without bugs"... "


              Yes, we have to make some change to our design when they changed the specification of the PSoC5.  While I would expect them to phased out the PSoC5, I would expected then to give customer a longer time to make the change. Some industry needs a long time to get approval and cost money to have compoent change after being approved. Not to mention the time to market.



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                        Our industry needs a long regulation approval time and needs to have product for sale for around 10 years. With a component released and phased out in 3-4 years time is going to be a concern in our next project. We do not want to re-test and go thru the approval process so frequent. While PSoC is good for design, it may not be good for manufacturing control. :-(   
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                  That problem, product lifetime, heads up warnings, has been with the industry for a very long


                  time. Basically driven by the tension between market and product demands.




                  Some suggestions to make it a little more difficult to ignore one as a customer -




                  1) Maintain regular contact with Cypress RSM and their Rep, on product design


                  updates. Insist any product updates/revs be forwarded to you. Field sales generally


                  speaking is kept up to date. If you do not hear anything ask, "whats happening....."


                  Put a tickler to call in your calendar every xx months to find out whats new.




                  2) Insist on meeting Cypress Marketing manager when he/she travels in territory.


                  Put a name and a face to your design. Include your purchasing staff at minimum,


                  manufacturing and quality as well.




                  3) Visit factory at least/headquarters at least once, meet with Marketing, Sales, and


                  senior management.




                  I have seen these simple steps aid issues like you expressed, not always 100%


                  results, but > 0 %. This business is still a people business.




                  Regards, Dana.

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                    yes, that is what we as customer needs to check. however, I think the phase out of PSoC5 is a bit too fast. I just talk to our Cypress agent here not long ago about the plan for PSoC5 after PSoC5LP was released, but if you check the product release date for PSoC5, I guess you would agree it is short. 


                    We had another project a few years ago using 26 series and it is also phase out  and replaced with 27 series. And we still has some 26 chips but the new programmer cannot program those chips. 


                    With 2 cases like this, I think the boss would be very careful using Cypress chips in the new projects. Technically I like  PSoC chips, but there are more than just technical that needs to be consider.