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    BUG: Fixed-Implementation Timer One-Shot Feature Enabled For PSoC 5





      When using PSoC Creator, it is generally assumed that if a particular component feature can't be used with the current options (e.g. it's using a fixed-implementation), it will be greyed out. However, this is not the case for the "One-shot" and "One-shot (Halt on Interrupt)" run modes when using a fixed-implementation Timer with a PSoC 5. 




      This is annoying, as you can continue about building your design, and only discover it's useless when it comes to building the project hours later. 




      It also makes no mention of this under the section "PWM Component As A Pulse Generator" in the PWM datasheet (in the second bit, where it introduces a timer and says it's less resource intensive than using a PWM component). I think you should mention that this is only applicable to PSoC 3.