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    Ultasonic and line sensor


      Hi all,


      I am new to the PSoC platform and am having trouble implementing an ultrasonic and line sensor for a robot.


      The arduino code for each is listed below, any help on how i could implement this code with PSoC would be greatly appreciated.



      /* Tested with HY-SRF05, HC-SR04 The circuit:  * VVC connection of the sensor attached to +5V  * GND connection of the sensor attached to ground  * TRIG connection of the sensor attached to digital pin 12         * ECHO connection of the sensor attached to digital pin 13 */ const int TRIG_PIN = 12;const int ECHO_PIN = 13; void setup() {  // initialize serial communication:  Serial.begin(9600);    pinMode(TRIG_PIN,OUTPUT);  pinMode(ECHO_PIN,INPUT);} void loop(){   long duration, distanceCm, distanceIn;    // Give a short LOW pulse beforehand to ensure a clean HIGH pulse:  digitalWrite(TRIG_PIN, LOW);  delayMicroseconds(2);  digitalWrite(TRIG_PIN, HIGH);  delayMicroseconds(10);  digitalWrite(TRIG_PIN, LOW);  duration = pulseIn(ECHO_PIN,HIGH);    // convert the time into a distance  distanceCm = duration / 29.1 / 2 ;  distanceIn = duration / 74 / 2;    if (distanceCm <= 0){    Serial.println("Out of range");  }  else {    Serial.print(distanceIn);    Serial.print("in, ");    Serial.print(distanceCm);    Serial.print("cm");    Serial.println();  }  delay(1000);}



      Line Sensor





           //Code for the QRE1113 Digital board   
           //Outputs via the serial terminal - Lower numbers mean more reflected   
           //3000 or more means nothing was reflected.   


             int QRE1113_Pin = 2; //connected to digital 2     


           void setup(){   
           void loop(){   
             int QRE_Value = readQD();   
           int readQD(){


               //Returns value from the QRE1113      




               //Lower numbers mean more refleacive     




               //More than 3000 means nothing was reflected.     


             pinMode( QRE1113_Pin, OUTPUT );
             digitalWrite( QRE1113_Pin, HIGH );     
             pinMode( QRE1113_Pin, INPUT );   
             long time = micros();   


               //time how long the input is HIGH, but quit after 3ms as nothing happens after that     


             while (digitalRead(QRE1113_Pin) == HIGH && micros() - time < 3000);    
             int diff = micros() - time;   
             return diff;