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    will the FIFO pointer increase after send data to FIFO by EPxFIFOBUF?


       hi, Sir/ Madam


       now I want to use the GPIF to collect data from an ADC.  every convertion will product 6 words of data. These data will be write into the FIFO(e.g. using the EP2). I know the FIFO pointer will increase after the data bus on "Activate". 


      but I have to give a time stamp before the 6 words  be writed into the FIFO. I want to use EPxFIFOBUF to accomplish this goal.


      however, I am afraid the GPIF will overlap the time stamp. 


      If I  use the EPxFIFOBUF, like 


      EPxFIFOBUF[3] =12;


      EPxFIFOBUF[4] = 14;


      atfer this opration, will the FIFO pointer point to the EPxFIFOBUF[5], or the FIFO pointer won't have any different?


      by the way, can I use the FIFO pointer directly in the 8051? Like what the GPIF do.


      thanks a lot!