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    CE5212 Designer Sinewave LUT Project Errors


      A couple of issues that need addressing -




      1) Global properties, the OpAmp Bias and Ananlog Buffer properties both were set to low power,


      so sine wave distorted. Those should be set to high power.




      2) Because the A Buffer is not R-R, its exacerbates the distortion of the DAC output when close to either


      rail. Maybe a note should be added to ap note covering this.




      3) As an exercise, to eliminate the distortion in 2), I added a PGA, set its G < 1, to get waveform away


      from rails, and woulnd up with a highly distorted waveform, ? Not sure why.




      Note A Buffer was only loaded with 10M scope probe in all observations, maybe in case of 2) high load


      might actually improve output distortion.....?




      PSOC Designer 5.4




      Regards, Dana.