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    LED driver.  matrix and 7 segment, up to 8 commons supported


       An LED driver component for matrix and 7 segment displays.  some of the feautres are:


      1.) The component supports 1 to 8 commons.  
      2.) The segments and common signals can be inverted for use with driver transistors or for common anode / common cathode displays
      3.) The brightness of each common can be controlled with an optional PWM built into the component.
      4.) A macro is included that breaks out all the signals to make it much easire to get started
      5.) API are included that make it very easy to display numbers (signed decimal and hex) as well as strings for use with 7 segment displays.
      6.) All hardware based solution, no interrupts or CPU time required.  "set it and forget it" operation.




      My first component submitted to the community!