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    SPI slave and DMA question

      I am using PSoC3 at the SPI slave end and SPI master is a ARM9 processor. I need to consistantly exchange block of data to PSoC3 through the SPI, so I set up the DMA on PSoC3 side. In my test program, I find SPI slave return data is shifted by one byte. For example, in PSoC3, I initialize spitxdata[i] = i + 10; but on the SPI master side, at the very first time, it receive data SpiReturn[0] = 0; SpiReturn[1] = 10; SpiReturn[2] = 11......and the next round, it will assign SpiReturn[0] = 49, then SpiReturn[1] = 10.... It seems Spi slave Tx does not put the tx data after receiving the first byte? Any suggestions?


      Here is some more details about my program. SPIS Rx/Tx buffer size = 4, only selected Interrupt On Tx FIFO Not Full and Interrupt On Rx FIFO Not Empty, rx_interrupt output connects to DMA_RX_S drq and tx_interrupt connects to DMA_TX_S drq, both DMA has hardware request set to level




      Attached is the related code.




      Thanks in advance for any suggestion!