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    Proximity sensing with PSOC 3



      I am very new with PSOC and embedded programming.  I have been having issues with CapSense proximity sensing.   I have created a proximity widget and assigned it a sensor.  I have other capsense buttons on my board which have been configured as well and are working.  I have not been able to figure out how to use the tuner with a proximity sensor.  I read that all widgets are enabled by default except proximity widgets.  How do you manually enable a proximity widget so you can use it in the tuner?  Below is the part of my code that is dealing with CapSense.  Thank you for your help.






      (This portion of code is in my main)




      /* start tuner operation */




      CapSense_1_EnableSensor(CapSense_1_SENSOR_PROXIMITYSENSOR1_0__PROX);  //Not sure where to put this??










      /* end tuner operation */

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