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    Switching noise with PSoC 5LP boost converter


      I'm planning to make a handheld LCR meter (plus more) based on the PSoC 5LP. I'd like to use the boost converter to allow me to power it efficiently off 2 AA cells.


      However, the nature of the device is that it does sensitive analog measurements. In ESR mode, for instance, it generates a waveform at around 100mV, and has to accurately measure the attenuation. When measuring inductance or capacitance, it likewise has to generate and accurately measure waveforms, at frequencies from a few kilohertz up to about 1MHz.


      Will I see significant coupling of noise from the boost converter into the analog signals I'm measuring? What steps can I take to prevent it - and is it practical to eliminate the noise to an acceptable degree in a handheld application with a reasonable cost constraint? How about layout recommendations?