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    Low power mode (DeepSleep) counting time between pulses

              I need counting time between pulses in a PIO. Without low power requirements I can use a Timer, capture using PIO, and in the interrupt reseting counter for next measure. When I want the fresh data I only need to read the last capture. Meanwhile I can sleep psoc4. I've tested and works good. With Psoc4, Sleep power requirements (about 0,6-0,9mA) aren't good for me, so I'll try using deep sleep. I can use a clock ILO based, and capture in the same way, and read value in the watchdog interrupt, but as I can read in datasheet, using DeepSleep the Timer interrupt doesn't get fired (only WDT, so I can't reset counter). I have also doubt the Timer module can work in DeepSleep mode. Also ILO precission isn't good (About 60%, 10% with Trim module). Is there better way for doing this in DeepSleep mode? Can I reduce from 0,6mA power consumption in Sleep mode?