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    100 projects in 100 days for PSoC 4

       Hello Friends,


      100 projects will be posted in 100 days in the element 14 website.




      These projects are built for PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit with appropriate shields. Please check out these projects.

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           The project's being posted this week include example Component created for the Arduino Graphics Color LCD Shield!





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                    I would like to see some more detailed explanations. For example the Nokia6100-LCD component would have been a good candidate to be explained in more detail, so everybody could learn how to write their own UDB components.   
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              That would be a good learning example.

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                 The Sparkfun website has the details regarding the Color LCD shield https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9363. I think this will be sufficient to kickstart using the shield/ the color LCD with the PSoC \. 


                The library given in the Sparkfun site uses bit banging. We can easily port the library to make it compatible with PSoC or we can also use SPIM to communicate with LCD driver.

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                  My question wasn't about how to connect a Nokia6100 LCD display to the PSoC - I know there are many tutorials with code out there to allow me to build myself a library for that. I was asking specifically on more explanations how the new component works, so new users to the PSoC can understand and learn from this.


                  This is a gripe I have with all these projects. As nice (and helpful) it is to see what can be done with the PSoC4, they cannot really serve as good starting points for learning. Most part of the explantions is about how to install the project in Creator (which is the same every day), and only a few sentences are about how it actually works (and what are the secret ingredients in it...).

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                    One commenter points out the 100 days projects might be useful for more detail.  Cypress has some of the best explanatory AP notes I have ever seen with in detail descriptions of how things work. I will maybe understand the subtleties of the suggestions more later which suggest the graphics lcd would be a good one for more detail up front.  But I have more than enough to absorb with the 100 days approach right now.  Its a great educational tool/opportunity to learn.   Although not listed on the 100 days site the ap notes for the other psocs  are available as well to supplement the 100 days even though not the exact same psoc they help in understanding the process.  I was enjoying last night  for example reading through their ir thermometer ap notes and dual sampling and filtering in detail on how they work and interface for thermistor measurements for example that I plan to use on a design project for the Pioneer board.  Cypress is generous with their code and professional tools and ap notes.  The 100 days projects are noteable because they do start from scratch.  Plug this, push this tab with pictures.  What I need to get started.  4 other boards of different types from other vendors I have are not  useful and sit unplugged on my shelf.  I have now bought 4 Pioneer boards now, keep one plugged in to my PC, and given one to my son a  design engineer, and ordered lcd shields and other parts for both of us  to follow the 100 days. 1 is for a high school student educational project. One foreign engineer  doing preproduction design is following with me.   The forum might be a good plae to list a few links from a specific  100 day project  to the existing ap note library.  Like how to drive a 7 segment led is well described in detail in the induction cooker ap note with code example. A link pointing out this additional educational  resource might help a few. 

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                      Thanks for sharing your view from a "PSoC beginners" perspective. I admit to have seen this more from the perepctive of someone proficient with the other PSoCs.


                      Yes, Cypress produces really good documentation, and their AppNotes are always helpful and provide many insights. In the end I was hoping for these 100 projects to provide a similar level of detail...