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    tutorials for psoc4

              Does all of the introductory tutorials for psoc devices apply for psoc4? I am new to this but not sure where to begin, and would like to minimize the learning curve... Thanks for your advice.   
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          Welcome in the fascinating world of PSoCs!


          Unfortunately: No, not all example projects run on every PSoC family. The PSoC4 chip has different internal resources than the PSoC3/5 and so there are examples for






          and PSoC3 and 5 which have got similar internal hardware despite of the CPU (8051 vers. ARM Cortex M3)


          To start with PSoC the cheapest would be to use a PSoC4 Pioneer Kit but in my opinion for the target of learning I would recommend the PSoC 5 -050 Kit which comes equipped with a 2-lined display making the look inside the PSoC somewhat easier than just to blink some LEDs.


          When it comes to build spin-off projects you will always look for the smallest chip the project fits into which may be a PSoC4.


          The PSoC1 chip is very versatile, but lacks the easy-to-use debug capability all other PSoCs have got, making the initial equipment to get some more expensive.





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            Cost     PSOC 5 > PSOC 3 > PSOC 1 > PSOC 4  Approximate




            Some subtle differences as well, PSOC 4 only family with full 32 x 32 multiplier,


            and UDB count < 4 although many common PWM, Counter, Timer facilties now


            fixed hardware, so comparing UDB to UDB count a little misleading.




            PSOC 1 tool, Designer, although a good tool simply not as flexible and productive


            as PSOC 3, 4, 5 tool Creator.




            Regards, Dana.

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                      I guess price of PSoC4 should be between PSoC3 and PSoC1.   
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                Don't guess, look at prices on Cypress website -




                PSOC 1         $ .99   to $ 11


                PSOC 3         $ 3.04 to $ 20.31


                PSOC 4         $ 1.41 to $ 1.92


                PSOC 5LP     $ 5.01 to $ 10.90




                These are relative for prices shown on website, no volume stated, and are stated as budgetary.





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                   Actually, a lot of PSOC3 and PSOC5 tutorials work well for PSOC4. You just have to keep in mind the functionality not present / limited in PSOC4.

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                    From within Creator select "Example Projexts" in Start-Page. when you now change the family to PSoC4 you'll get a brief list of all examples for this device.





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                       thanks Bob,  that's what I was looking for

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                        You are always welcome!





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                          Also in Creator, when you place a module, you can right click it on schematic,


                          pick "Find Example Project", and either open it as a new project or add it


                          to your current workspace, where you can cut/paste code into your application


                          specific workspace.




                          Regards, Dana.