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    Trying To Use emWin Graphics Library With PSoC 5: Getting Undefined Symbol `RomVectors' Error





      I am trying to use the emWin library with a PSoC 5. However, at build time, I get the error: "undefined symbol `RomVectors' referenced in expression" from the compiler it what I think is the final compile step (creating the final hex file).




      It is loading up the cm3gcc.ld file when I double click on the error, which has references to the RomVectors symbol (e.g. "PROVIDE(__cs3_interrupt_vector = RomVectors); *(.romvectors).") This file is the "Linker script for ARM M-profile Simulator".




      I have successfully used the emWin library with the PSoC 3 before and have not had this error. The project compiled fine before I started installing the emWin library, although this error doesn't seem directly related to the emWin library anyway.




      A google search on this error brings up almost no useful information.