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    Use of P1 for both debugging/programming and GPIO

      In our current research project I need to use the debug pins on P1 temporarily for another purpose under


      program control.




      So I want to be able to disconnect the pins from the JTAG/SWD and connect them to some other circuitry under software control.


      However, PSoC creator does not let me do it unless I have switched to "GPIO" in the debug section (Programming\Debugging->Debug Select)  in the system tab.


      I have searched through the TRM and only found the hint in Section 39.5 of the PSoC 3 TRM:


      "Two NV latch bits determine the state of the JTAG/SWD interface pins at reset" 


      But it does not say whether this can be changed later.


      I want the pins active as debug on startup, but I want to wire them to internal circuitry.


      Since the acquisition of the test controller is such a protected activity I am sure that my external circuits will not


      interfere with the debugging function until my application software runs and can control the enable/disable of the debugging functionality.




      I am not sure whether this is problem of PSoC Creator or the architecture that's why I ask here.