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    Inverted High Speed FX3 pins on Cypress demoBoard. Why?

       Hi all,


      I have bought the FX3 Development Kit device board and i noticed that SS_RX_P and SS_RX_M are inverted on the demo board.


      On the Micro-Type B USB3.0 connector the pin 9 corresponds to SS_RX_M and the pin 10 corresponds to to SS_RX_P. when the wires come out of the connector, we see that SS_RX_M and SS_RX_P are inverted before to go to the U1 chip. This is located on the sheet 9/14 in the attached file.


      The FX3 communication on the demo board occurs good. I have also developped a new board with FX3 and the two pins are not inverted. I encounter some trouble with the communication. I am getting errors at every transaction. I think that errors are linked to inverted FX3 pins and also to layout pcb because the two High Speed pins don't go directly to chip but go through vias.


      What do you think about it ?


      Thanks in advance for your help


      Kind Regards