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    43362 may crash


           43362 may crash(can't RX/TX packets, can't response any SDIO command, without any OOB interrupt) in bellow two situtaion:

           1. WICED is configured as STA mode. Send UDP pakcet to WICED very quickly(1 packet per millisecond), after a while, 43362 will dead. It doesn't response any command and can't RX/TX any packet. I think the root cause is the MCU can't  read out wifi packet from 43362 timely, 43362 use out all memory and stop working. How about just drop new packets when there are too many packets buffered?

           2. If there are no RX buffer, the packet read function wiced_read_frame will do wiced_abort_read( WICED_FALSE ). If this situation continues for a while. 43362 will dead. You can simulate this issue like this: Hold all RX buffer, and send wifi packet to 43362. Wait for a while, you can reproduce this issue.