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    CY7C68033 and Off Chip Code Memory

              I have purchased the CY3686 NX2LP-FLEX Development kit and the Kiel PK51 IDE. I am trying to add some code to the NAND Project cy3686fw using NAND_FW2K Target. I have selected device EZ-USB FX2LP (CY7C68XXX-X) which indicates 16K Program. When I compile the source unchanged I get the following: Program Size: data=113.3 xdata=6789 const=212 code=8545 If I try to compile the source with some of my added code I get an error of L107: ADDRESS SPACE OVERFLOW SPACE: CODE If I increase the configured off-Chip Code from 0x2300 to 0x3300 I can compile successfuly with the message: Program Size: data=119.3 xdata=7224 const=212 code=8811 Is the right thing to do or am I configuring this beyond the capabilities of the Chip? If it is OK, what is the maximum I can set it to? The brouchure for the Chip seems to indicate 7Kb free program if this is not what I should do, how to I cause my code to compile in the correct memory?