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    Need help for transmitting and processing RAW Video Data (AN75779)




      I'm trying to use FX3 DVK in order to transmit digital Video Data to a PC Host from an image sensor connected to the DVK. Video data needs to be transmitted as is, i don't want to compress it nor to convert it into a specific format. I would like to transmit a buffer containing image data to USB and to retrieve it from the PC host, then my application would reconstruct the image by ordering the pixels contained in the buffer.


      I've read AN75779 and UVC Specifications. But I couldn't find how to transmit RAW image data. What I've understood is that UVC supports only YUY2 color space.


      On the one hand, I would like to use the example firmware from AN75779 to use a "UVC way" for transferring video data, and then use the usbVideo.sys driver (provided by Microsoft) through the DirectShow API to make a host application. On the other hand, I would like to use the same firmware but with some modifications to allow me to use the CyUSB.sys driver through the CyAPI.lib API provided by Cypress to make the host application.


      So, I have some questions.


      (1) Is it possible to use the firmware from AN75779 to transfer RAW image data ? How can I modify it to do so ?


      (2) Which way to process is better : use UVC and DirectShow API (with Microsoft's usbVideo.sys) / do not use UVC and use Cypress API (with CyUSB.sys) ?


      (3) Is it possible to transfer video using CyUSB.sys and Cypress API ?




      Thanks in advance,