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    Custom Name for USB Device



      I created a USB device using the USBFS feature of the PSoC Designer, and now I want Windows to show it connected (in the device manager) with a custom name instead of the "USB Input Device" is currently listed as.


      How can I do it?


      Right after connecting the device, it shows the name I defined in the USBFS wizard, but after that, the name changes.





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          Hello Lion,
          What is your interface class?
          HiD? User Specific?
          Maybe in HID, It's shows common name like you said.
          but you may be change the name by any method?.      



          In the user-specific, like bulk-transfer,
          Look the [inf] file, last part.
          The device shows name as
          DESCRIPTION="Cypress USB UART"
          you can change it. OK?      



          ;  String Definitions
          MFGNAME="Cypress Semiconductor Corporation"
          DESCRIPTION="Cypress USB UART"
          SERVICE="USB UART"      


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            Hi PSoc73,


            I'm using the HID class, so the installation didn't require any .inf file. Should I create a custom inf file and manually install it?

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                      OK, Lior When look the device manager, Some HID device has a particular name. Therefore, Maybe there is a any way to add the name. But I don't know except Bulk. Microsoft detailed in this regard. Please check the Google and WiKi.   
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                According to this link:      http://www.lvr.com/forum/index.php?action=printpage;topic=82.0, the device name should be the one specified in firmware if the proper manufacturer, country, and language ID are set.


                I tried using the USB Configuration Wizard to set those fields, but the windows' device manager is still showing me wrong and missing values.


                Can anyone provide a lead on how to set this up?