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    IN_DATA in master mode





      I'm using GPIF at master mode, with CS and WR/RD signal output.  The slave will drive data when CS and RD are low at rising edge of PCLK. When the PCLK frequency is below 60MHz, there is no problem. However if the frequency goes higher than 60MHz, the data could not be sampled correctly, due to the delay of slave driving data. Is it possible to output CS and RD at rising edge and sample data at falling edge?  





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           Hi Rover,




          Did you try setting the "Active clock edge" field in GPIFII designer to Negative? This is effectively like inverting the PCLK before sending it out to your slave. So your slave will operate on rising edge and FX3 will operate on falling edge. I believe this might solve your issue.







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                    Hi Shashank, The point is not clock edge polarity, but the sampling time. The GPIF will sample data immediately when CS and RD are active. But there is delay when slave detected active read operation and output data to bus. For example, CS and RD become 0 at t0, then GPIF will sample data at t0, however, the slave detected read at t0 and output data at t1. Regards, Rover