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    serial number

              Does each psoc 3 contain a unique serial number that's readable from firmware?   
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          Take a look at this -








          Regards, Dana.

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                    After following several links I see there is a silicon device ID. Do you know if this ID is unique to every individual chip? That would be most useful.   
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              No, the device-ID is different for the device-type as PSoC3 and probably the pinning. It is usually red by the programmer and used to check if the project is built for the device. When you need an identification for your device the best could be to program it yourself into eeprom or flash.





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                If you look at this there is a device ID, but it is not unique -








                Thats why the link was supplied for a silicon ID chip for addition to HW design


                in the thread.





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                   There is no unique serial number for each device. An aproach would be to write a serial number in flash at manufacturing/testing. also some periperal devices have unique serial IDs if you are using anyother device you could use a device with a unique serial.

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                    Device with unique serial number -








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                              I have used the Maxim parts for this in the past. Some programmers allow you increment a value in flash with each new programming cycle. I don't think that feature is offered with psoc programmer. I'll have to give it some thought on how to enter a serial number somehow.   
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                        We need to have some sort of serial number for our products as well. What we did is to have the CPU communicate to an external PC to get a serial number into the EEPROM.


                        If you have spare pin(s), you can use the pin(s) to read external counter and store in flash/EEPROM.

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                          If you look at the earlier links you will see that you can achieve a psuedo


                          serial number from the device ID. That is the granularity of the ID is down


                          to die position on a wafer withing a lot number. So contact Cypress, ask for


                          a production engineer, and find out what typical wafer lot size is. Then your serial


                          number will be replicated worst case by # wafers in that specific lot. Not absolutely


                          unique, but close.




                          Regards, Dana.

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                            You can always use PSOC programmer's CLI and make your own programming script to write a serial to flash. But it will probably won't be practical on a high volume manufacturing facility.

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                              Refer to these locations in the registers TRM of the device:

                              #Register NameAddressComments
                              1 FLSHID_CUST_TABLES_Y_LOC0xC0100Y location of die on the wafer (row number)
                              2FLSHID_CUST_TABLES_X_LOC0xC0101X location of die on the wafer (column number)
                              3FLSHID_CUST_TABLES_WAFER_NUM0xC0102 Wafer Number: 1 to 24
                              4FLSHID_CUST_TABLES_LOT_LSB0xC0103LSB of lot number/wafer start
                              5FLSHID_CUST_TABLES_LOT_MSB0xC0104MSB of lot number/wafer start
                              6FLSHID_CUST_TABLES_WRK_WK0xC0105Work week: 1 to 53

                              fab[3:0] Fab Number: 4 or 5

                              year[3:0] Year: 0 to 9


                              Combining all together will be unique to a chip. But the only problem is that Year value ranges from 0 to 9 only. So there is a possiblity of repetition of these numbers every 10 years.

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                                 Apart from the above, you can use EEPROM to store custom unique id. In order to write that data into EEPROM directly while programming, you can use Programmer's COM Interface. Refer to "C:\Program Files\Cypress\Programmer\3.18.1\Documents" location for more details on how to use COM interface.

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                                  @PSoC Rocks, glad you found this. In prior posts I had found a programming


                                  specification that did not have wafer number in it, so ID was not unique in a lot.


                                  But now the link I used for fourm to doc is broken, and no where in programming


                                  spec is discussion of Device ID other than reference in programming specs.




                                  I must be in another parallel universe.....




                                  Regards, Dana.

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                                            Thanks for posting the tables, I think that is the best way to build a unique serial number.