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    Connect 1.024 Reference to AMUX.

      I am sending the V_REF(1.024V) out through an analog pin buffered by an Opamp.


      I am also measuring the output of the Opamp by the ADC_DelSig.


      This works fine. But now I want to bypass the opamp to measure the V_REF directly. This is done because I want to know the Offset and Gain of the Opamp to do an error correction!


      I want to do this on Run-Time because of temperature drift! Therefore I need an AMUX to switch between Opamp yes or not!


      Is it possible to route PSoC's internal reference (1.024V) to AMUX?


      There is always this error:


      Voltage Reference Warning: Vref '' is connected to terminal 'AinTerm1' of 'AMux_1' but no direct hardware connection exists.


      regards Willi