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    Problem with fitting SmartSense2X code for usual SmartSense.

      Hi! I'm trying to transfer example code (CE85976) for CY8C22545-24AXI controller(it uses SmartSense2X) into CY8C20536A-24PVXI controller(it uses general SmartSense). It needed to turn on and off 3 leds with 3 sensors. Use PSoC Designer 5.4.




      The compiler tells me, that identifier "SmartSense_bScanComplete" is undeclared. Line editor doesn't know such an identifier at all. May be I can substitute it with something similiar? There is the part of the code:




                  capSensorNo=0 ;   // initializing to scan first sensor
                  scanningFlag= FIRST_SENSOR_SCAN_DONE; 
              else if(scanningFlag == FIRST_SENSOR_SCAN_DONE)
                  if(SmartSense_bScanComplete & SmartSense_SCAN_COMPLETE)   //checking for sensor scan is complete




         SmartSense_bScanComplete &=    ~SmartSense_SCAN_COMPLETE ;   // clearing the sensor scan complete flag
                      SmartSense_UpdateSensorBaseline(capSensorNo); // Run baseline filter
                      SmartSense_bIsSensorActive(capSensorNo);    // updating the SmartSense_baSnsOnMask[]
                      capSensorNo++;   // increment to scan next sensor