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    Naming Pins for flexibility


      I'm trying to find MORE information on the use of naming pins in PSoC1.  I've read (& reread) both GPIO Demystified posts as well as AN 2094 - Getting Started with GPIO.


      From what I've gathered, if I name a pin (say PB), then I can access the PORT by typing LED_1_Data_ADDR.  How do I access just the PIN then to determine if it's high or low? 


      Right now, if "PB" is at port 1, pin 7, I read that pin by using PRT1DR & 0x80.  What would I do if I want to use the name only? 


      AN 2094 says there's a macro for the pin mask, but doesn't give the command.  Where should I look for more information so I can figure this out?