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    Miniprog3 5-pin SWD programming error.


      I am having an issue with programming using the 5-pin SWD interface.  The image and device I am using are both "Production" revision of CY8C3866AXI-040.  I am able to program using the 10-pin connector with SWD or JTAG with no problem.  But when I use the 5-pin connector with SWD, the software detects the device as "ES1" and the image as "ES3," but both are suppose to be "Production."


      Is this a software bug with the PSoC Programmer?








      Program Finished at 11:54:33 AM | 


       | Programming Terminated


      WARNING!---> | Debug mode enabled, this should be turned off from PSoC Creator before production.


      ERROR!---> | The hex file was built for silicon revision ES3, but the acquired device is revision ES1.


       | Use PSoC Creator to generate a hex file for the proper device.


      Device set to CY8C3866AXI-040 at 11:54:32 AM | 65536 FLASH bytes


      Device Family set to CY8C38xx at 11:54:32 AM | 


       | Automatically Detected Device: CY8C3866AXI-040