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    Interval of the SleepTimer is wrong


      I had implement a Sleep Timer Module,


      Interval was set to 8 milisec.


      I was checking the interrupt period by using LED.


      Interval was shows quite wrong time, around 16u.sec.


      This interrupt type set to DERIVED.


      When set it to RISING_EDGE, Interrupt never happend.


      Tell me what's wrong.










      Wave form







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                  I had bundle the simplified project files. Regards.   
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                    Oh My Buddha! My design had become use the XTAL32k but, XTAL is not connected When the clock setting automatically changed so? That's my fault? Thank you.   
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              I was try to set Xtal32k for experience,


              But It doesn't work.


              Data sheet said the sleep timer needs 1KHz ILO instead of Xtal32k


              I had uncheck Xtal32k and set ILO to 1KHz,


              But It doesn't work.






              Clock Selection


              The Sleep Timer component uses the CTW and requires a 1-kHz clock for its operation. This


              clock is produced by the internal low-speed oscillator (ILO). The ILO 1-kHz clock feeds directly to


              the CTW counter. The ILO produces clocks with no external components, and with very low


              power consumption.


              The API function that starts the Sleep Timer automatically enables the 1-kHz clock and leaves it


              enabled even after the component is stopped. The first interval can range from 1 to (period + 1)


              milliseconds. Additional intervals occur at the nominal period.



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                        I was use SleepTimer for system tick at PSoC1 Era. And use it for PSoC3 as same way. Maybe, It was fundamentally wrong SleepTimer of PSoC3 doesn't work without sleeping time actually. Pooh!