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    USBFS doesn't identify in Windows Device Manager Correctly


       Hello -


      Using PSoC Creator 2.2; PSoC 5LP device (CY8C5868L), and I'm trying to get our USB information to display within Windows Device Manager.


      Within PSoC Creator; the USBFS -> USBUART component, I changed the Device Descriptor to our USB ID (0x2923) and changed the Product ID (0x501).


      In the String Descriptor tab; I changed the strings from Cypress information to our company / product descriptions, and saved / applied.


      When I rebuilt the project, and when the device first appeared under "Other" in the Device Manager, it showed as the product name I gave it.  However, when I point it to the driver, after it installs, it renames to "Cypress USB UART".


      I can't find where I'm supposed to change this (I manually changed the USBUART_1_cdc.inf file to include my company information, but that didn't change how Device Manager enumerated it).


      I tried uninstalling the driver, re-building the project, and then connecting again, and same result, it first identifies as I want it to, but after the driver installs, it re-names to Cypress USB USART.


      There must be a setting or step that I am missing, and appreciate any assistance in getting this resolved.