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    Power Estimator


      Not sure if everyone has seen this -




      "This spreadsheet is a basic tool for obtaining a gross estimate of power consumption using


      PSoC 3 ES3 and PSoC5 ES1."




      Hopefully will be done for 4 and 5LP.




      Regards, Dana.

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           Hello Dana,


          The power estimator is both for PSoC 3 and PSoC 5LP. I think Cypress only has to provide the power estimator for PSoC 4.


          I got my PSoC 4 few weeks back. It will be good to know the power consumption of the device before we actually put it to working.

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            The power estimation spreadsheet is a very good idea, but still needs some completion: It does not take into account the use of UDBs with different clock speeds.


            I am hoping that cypress does not leve this out.





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              The estimator is for PSOC 5 ES1, which I think is not 5LP.




              Regarding Bob's comment, in the estimator, is a comment -




              "This sheet holds a table of UDB resources. It will be used to calculate the current of UDB-based


              components in a future version of this spreadsheet."




              so hopefully a future release will cover the concern.




              Regards, Dana.