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    Problem with PWM on P13 with BCM20737 and SDK 2.0.1

      I need to use all 4 PWM channels and because the way they are connected I had to move the buzzer from P28 to P13 (same hardware pin). The output sound that I am getting now is very distorted. Why ?


      Similar issue was already reported with BCM20732 and SDK 1.1 here:

      PWN not working on P13/P14 on BCM20732S - SDK 1.1


      Also here I don't have any problems with P26, P27, and P28.


      This issue is very easy to reproduce, in:


      one can change:


      #define GPIO_PIN_BUZZER         28


      #define GPIO_PIN_BUZZER         13


      and then any sample app (that uses the buzzer) can be used e.g. hello-sensor