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      Hello all... doing a search for PC keyboards made with capsense we stumbled upon a 2007 Cypress application describing the design and implementation of a PC keyboard with a psoc1 that would suit perfectly our needs. Problem is that it can be obtained from only a couple of sources but not from Cypress own web site or the usually known sources of psoc info. Does anyone know the reason for this AN going missing or completely erased from psoc worlds surface? I'd hate to give a try to a project that was flawed in origin. I could not find many mentions to keyboards with a large number of keys even on psoc3 forums either. Has anyone developed such keyboard using capacitive sensing?

      Thank you

      P.S. the Application note of reference is AN2407 - Capacitance Sensing - PC Compatible USB / Capsense Matrix Keyboard. It's dated 2007 and it doesn't even have a revision letter or number.

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                  Hi heu,   
          following keyboad designs avairable even though not capsense.   
          [ http://www.cypress.com/?rID=2824 ] Matrix Keyboard   
          [ http://www.cypress.com/?rID=14422 ] Wireless keyboard kit   
          [ http://www.cypress.com/?docID=36102&dlm=1 ] Zip file Ain't these nothing help for you?   
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                    Hi, Appnote document is attached, will try to get you the project. Please note that this appnote is Obsolete.   
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               @psoc73: thank you for the info but we already had all those ANs as well as a psoc3 working design that reads 2  5 x 12 matrix membrane keyboards, 2 encoders and communicates with a PC through a USB port. We were looking specifically for large capacitive keyboards design experience because ours is limited to 6-sensor pannels and are close to the project deadline.




              Thank you too. I already had the AN (without the Obsolete stamping). What it made me wonder about the design featured in the reference AN is that no new AN along that line has been made available, not even with the new psoc families or the improved capacitive sensing techniques. Do you know if it was tested out of the lab and what the experience and user feedback was? Would you say that such layout (slightly modified to suit our keyboard layout) would work alright with a psoc3? Anyways, it would be great if you can get us the original project.




              Again thank you to all those that replied.