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    Interfacing problem between CYPRESS HUB and FTDI232D chips

              Hi, I'm Luigi Mattei a Telit Engineer from Italy. I use FTDI 2232D chips to realize a UART comunication. I've connected FTDI 2232D with a Cypress USB HUB2.0 but I've a problem when I try to send a lot of chars of value 0xFF. I've attached a ZIP archive with the follow file: "FTDI_question" - this is a document that illustrate the problem "2M_4096_analyzer.txt","2M_4096_analyzer_last_chunk.txt","2M_32_analyzer.txt" - this are log file from Digital Analyzer "2M_4096_PORTMON.LOG" and "2M_32_PORTMON.LOG" - this are log file from PORTMON Virtual Com Sniffer Software Thanks in advance. Best regards.