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    UART Sleep on TX completion



      I have a question on how to put the UART to sleep. My set up is an UART with the interrupt pin connected to the 'drq' of a DMA.


      At the moment I have configured the UART to indicate the DMA to transmit data from the memory (RAM) to the UART's buffer once the UART has its buffer empty.


      Now I want to put the UART to sleep, and what I have thought is using the DMA "nrq" interrupt and read the TX status register of the UART:


      if(DMA_UART_flag == 1){


                 DMA_UART_flag = 0;


                  reg = UART_ReadTxStatus();


                  while((reg & UART_TX_STS_COMPLETE) != UART_TX_STS_COMPLETE){


                      reg = UART_ReadTxStatus();








      However, it remains in the loop... Any idea?


      Thank you in advance!