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       hola a todos tengo problemas con el capsense csd  ya que lo configuro pero no me muestra en el lcd ,la informacion que envio es que me aparesca  on/off cuando  presiono  la linea del slider, otra cosa no se donde puede ir conectado el cmod, ya que apenas estoy aprendiendo a utilizar el psoc 5


      gracias por la ayuda 

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          Although some members here are able to speak (and write) Spain (or portugese?) the usual language here is English. Will you be so kind and use a translator to let us all know about your problem.





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            From Google Translate -




            "hi all I have problems with the CapSense csd since I set it up but does not show me on the lcd, the info you sent is that I aparesca on / off when I press the line of the slider, no where else can be connected the cmod, and I'm just learning to use psoc 5

            thanks for the help"

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              Easiest could be to upload a complete "Workspace Bundle" here together with a brief description of what it should do and what it actually does. Then we all can have a look at and advise you appropiately.


              When YOU translate your text into english and post it, it will keep us from EACH of us having to translate it separately. And additionally it can be helpful when the comments inside your program are english as well.