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    USB Suite




      I'm in the discovery phase of determining the most suitable way to have multiple PSoC 3 devices on a single USB hub, controlled by Visual Basic. NET 2010.


      I have downloaded the USB Suite and am reading the documentation. The .NET Programmers Reference states that you can create a list of USB devices on the hub and can access them individually. However reading the driver documentation, it talks about the Product ID and the Vendor ID as a way to locate a particular device. If I am mass manufacturing PSoC based devices, I would've assumed that all my products would have the same Product and Vendor IDs based on what is required in the .inf file. Is this the case? This makes it sound like the library is geared towards ONE Cypress PSoC device and all the others attached to the hub as something else.


      If I'm manufacturing PSoC based devices, does each individual device have to have it's own unique Product ID? If so, how would you handle doing that in production? How would you address it in the .inf file?


      I would appreciate any direction to ap notes or contacts for accomplishing my objective, which is communicating with MULTIPLE PSoC 3 devices on a single USB hub using VB.NET 2010.


      Thank you