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    problem programming CY8C20447

              I am tyring to use ISSP programming to program CY8C20447 using MiniProg1. MiniProg is not recognizing the device. I get the message: FAILED! Can not Acquire Device! Please verify the device connection to the Programmer Please, check the following items: - the connection between the programmer and the PSoC; - the correct programming protocol is selected; - the correct connector option is selected. Attatched you'll see the design (the same from the design guide) I'm testing. I tried to power the circuit from Miniprog and externally (power cycle and reset). One strange thing I've noticed is that XRES signal has 3,1 V. I would expect 5V. May be my miniprog is damaged? It's brand new (first experience with Cypress) Thanks, Xavier   
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