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    Error 39 when installing CYUSB.SYS under XP

              I encounter Error 39 when installing the CYUSB3.SYS (renamed to VTUSB3.SYS) driver under 32-bit XP, however, using the same INF file, I have successfully install the 64-bit driver under Windows 7 and 8. One strange thing is that, if I use the original CYUSB3.INF to install the driver under XP, and then in Device Manager, update the driver with the new VTUSB3.INF, then Error 39 disapears and will never happen again even if I uninstall the VTUSB3.INF and re-install it again. I have repeat this on six XP computers (different brands) and the results are the same. Could any body enlighten me what could be wrong? Thanks a lot.