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    EZUSB to CYUSB, no devices show up

              I have an existing product on a custom board that uses the "CYPRESS EZ-USB AN2131QC 0230 ENY3506" chip, and some software that uses data from the board. Previously, we used ezusb.sys, but in order to use it on 64-bit Windows 7, I'm trying to use cyusb.sys. I've taken the following steps: - I downloaded Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7 - I modified the .inf file in Driver\bin\wlh\x64 with the VID & PID that the product used with the older driver (I attached the file). I didn't change the guids because the previous inf file (for ezusb) didn't have them. - I used the instructions below to disable driver signature enforcement on my workstation. A message in the corner of my screen says "Test Mode / Windows 7 / Build 7601". http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/how-to-install-use-unsigned-drivers-in-windows-vista-7-x64.127187/ - I plugged my device into a USB port - In Device Manager, I selected the entry with a yellow exclamation mark, and browsed to the location of the .inf file I modified. - This seems to work. Under Device status, it says "This device is working properly". When I unplug the USB cable, the entry disappears from Device Manager, and when I plug it back in, it restores the entry "MassLoad LCIB LoadCell (cyusb 3.4.7)". (It also says "Not digitally signed", but I think that should be okay). My problem is that none of the software that uses the device, which worked fine on Windows XP, recognizes that the device is plugged in. I have multiple programs (binary executables) for using, calibrating, and managing the devices, and they all insist that there's no device connected. Is cyusb meant to be a transparent, drop-in replacement for ezusb, or do I have the wrong idea? Will I need to rewrite parts of my programs, and if so, is there a guide or tutorial on the differences between using ezusb and cyusb? Am I supposed to see a service running? I'm not sure, but I sort of expected to see "Cypress Generic USB Driver" in Windows Task Manager under the Services tab, and there's nothing there. Thanks in advance for your help.