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    I need a clock output of 12.288MHz


       I need to clock multiple external codecs and there are a few choices for frequencies that get me what I need. Is there any way to generate a good clock source externally?




      My first choice would be to output 12.288MHz, this is 256 times 48kHz and commonly used by codecs.




      Another choice is 8kHz because I can feed this into a pll multiplier to will then generate 12.288MHz.




      Basically I need to satisfy the following equation:


      CLKDIV_IN = 48000 * (128 * Q), where Q is an integer 2 <= Q <= 17




      What are the PWM capabilites of a pin?




      It is frustrating that the i2s can only output data. Also it is sad that the limited clock divider options doesn't get very close to the true sampling rates of 16,44.1 or 48kHz.


      I need input from a codec so I am forced to use SPI and it's clocking scheme is even more limited.


      I am using the GPIF for an image sensor.