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    please i need help

              can you tell me the difference between CY8CKIT-050 and CY8CKIT-001 , which better and why ? i read both notes and i still confused which one to buy   
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                  Hi A.A welcome to the fantastic PSoC world.   
          KIT-001 has all of PSoC devices PSoC5, PSoC3 even PSoC1.   
          PSoC1 is a difference with others, that use PSoC Designer for IDE,   
          Others are use PSoC Creator.   
          On other hand, KIT-050 is dedicate PSoC5, using PSoC Creator for IDE.   
          If I were you, I will buy KIT-050.   
          Because, Creator has good features, and maybe familer to new comer.   
          And KIT is simple rather than KIT-001.   
          If you will become need PSoC1 device, think when its coming.   
          Of course, you are rich man, buy both is good idea.   
          Anyway, I have not neither of that.   
          Thank you.   
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            The CY8CKIT-050 kit is a PSOC5 dedicated kits and has onboard programmer/debugger. it is the most simple to use of all the kits but it only supports PSOC5.


            The CY8CKIT-001 kit is more flexible. It supports 3 types of devices (PSOC 1 , 3 and 5LP). comes with plug-in mcu modules for the 3 types of devices and also includes a Miniprog3 programmer/debuger. To use it you have to plug-in one of the included mcu modules and the miniprog3 to the base board.


            If you can aford it I would recommend the CY8CKIT-001 kit as it includes a miniprog3 that can be used to program external devices and supports all cypress devices.

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              ... and cypress told me there will be a PSoC4 processor module, so the Kit-001 will be able to support  *ALL* PSoCs.


              I admit: I have got both Kits. When you start with the -50 kit there is no money thrown away when later on you decide to by a -001. As a mattert of fact: many projects include communication between two processor-boards via I2C, SPI or another protocol. So when owning two PSoC Kits you will be able to develop and test for those projects easily.





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                I do not know if this special is still in effect, check it out -












                Regards, Dana.