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    CY4611B (cypress68013A), easy way to get the storage data.

      I am working a project. My design environment is PC (coding by VC++) <=> CY4611B (USB + PATA Host) <=> FPGA (PATA Device Controller). I would like to use CY4611B environment to get the FPGA data to PC side. And write a VC++ code to do what I want to do functions.


      I have studied many reference data. Is there a code (firmware code and VC++ codes) in cypress web site and I can use them??  But I have not found them so far.


      Note : 1. I plan to do it in CyUSB driver. (It is not a standard mass storage in my application) 

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           The CY4611B code is of mass storage BOT class. If you want to talk to the device using CyUSB.sys you'll have to develop a API layer over it which can handle file system and mass storage BOT. Not a great idea plus it will be time consuming.
          You can modify the BOT side of the code to reduce the overhead. In this case you'll be developing your own custom stack. 


          We don't have an example which does this but this would be one way of doing it and you can use of our examples as reference codes.