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    Simple USB Slave FIFO

              I am looking for an easy solution to interface to an FPGA. Future plans will involve using an EZ-USB® FX3. However, currently I can't attach anything else to the FPGA I'm using due to limited number of I/O. I'm currently trying to write firmware for a USB Chip on the board (ISP 1362). I can program the ISP1362 to be anything I want. The x64 drivers and support is non-existent. My question is, what can I obtain from Cypress (free or not) that will allow me to "very easily" interface with generic drivers to create a serial port in Windows (7/Vista/XP x64 x86) for MatLab to send and receive data to and from FIFOs in the FPGA at Full Speed. The ISP1362 can't handle Hi-Speed. Overview: MatLab <-> Serial Port <-> Cypress Drivers <-> ISP1362 <-> FIFOs in FPGA Thanks, -Joe   
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          Cypress sdrivers have not been tested in the scenario you're describing or with 3rd party chips so I'm not sure how much help we will be able to provide in that front. Also Cypress drivers are meant to be used for free with Cypress chips.