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    Simple USB Slave FIFO

              I am looking for an easy solution to interface to an FPGA. Future plans will involve using an EZ-USB® FX3. However, currently I can't attach anything else to the FPGA I'm using due to limited number of I/O. I'm currently trying to write firmware for a USB Chip on the board (ISP 1362). I can program the ISP1362 to be anything I want. The x64 drivers and support is non-existent. My question is, what can I obtain from Cypress (free or not) that will allow me to "very easily" interface with generic drivers to create a serial port in Windows (7/Vista/XP x64 x86) for MatLab to send and receive data to and from FIFOs in the FPGA at Full Speed. The ISP1362 can't handle Hi-Speed. Overview: MatLab <-> Serial Port <-> Cypress Drivers <-> ISP1362 <-> FIFOs in FPGA Thanks, -Joe