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    GPIF 32 and SPI Boot

              I have a specific question about the limitation on GPIF32 and SPI. Since the pins do not look shared, it seems to be more of an internal FX3 resource conflict. What I would like to do is the following. 1) Boot off of SPI 2) Once C Code runs the GPIF32 is enabled and do normal GPIF32 transactions with no need of SPI 3) If I want to reprogram the SPI, I will do the following a) send my USB Vendor command to enter my programming routine. b) This software will disable GPIF32 and then it will program the SPI 3) Do a Hard Reset and start up as the new device. Since I do not see the SPI pins conflicting with the GPIF32 pins, I would expect the follow flow to work. Am I missing something here that will make this flow fail? Ken